What to Do With Styrofoam: Make Robots!

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Photo via Dinosaurs and Robots

Ever open up the box for your new monitor or DVD player, look at the Styrofoam packaging and wonder what on earth you're going to do with it? Well, Kevin Kelly sure did, and he came up with a great idea for a way to repurpose all that frightening foam. The cool sculpture is shown off over at Dinosaurs and Robots.

Read on for more cool Styrofoam robot sculptures.There aren't a whole lot of ways to get rid of Styrofoam. And usually when an eco-minded person gets stuck with it in their packaging, there is at least a few minutes of staring at the white sculpted culprit and thinking sad, frustrated thoughts.

Or, you can create robots out of it!

Artist Michael Salter created a 22 foot tall robot, along with a range of other sizes of styrobots.

michael salter styrofoam robot photo

Photo via Dvice

Salter points out the problem with using such an un-earth-friendly packaging as Styrofoam in our consumerist culture. From Komo News

"I have a sneaker collection," he admits, "which is absurd, right? You don't need more than one pair of sneakers. But at the same time, I'm conscious of the fact that this culture is about collecting stuff. The fact that we buy electronics at a time when they're no longer really repairable ... I mean, I know there's a TV-repair shop somewhere, but I've never gone to a TV-repair shop in my life. You drag it to the curb and then you buy a new one. And the foam takes up more space in the box than the object does."

One big issue with buying new electronics that we don't talk much about is the problem with packaging. Buying used versus new prevents a lot of e-waste, but it also prevents a lot of wasted, non-recyclable packaging from entering the consumer stream.

Granted, this is still no solution to the problem with styrofoam. But while processes for recycling it are being sorted out, we might as well appreciate cool things made from dumped packaging rather than allowing it to head to landfills.

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