What Should You Do with Extra Glass Bottles?


A reader over at Apartment Therapy has a question regarding an excess of glass bottles that we think TreeHugger readers could help with. She says:

Hello AT,

I have been reluctant to throw out my empty green glass water bottles, and now I have about ten of them piling up in my kitchen. I'd like to find some creative use for them, but I'm not sure what the bottles would be good for. I do need some book shelves and thought that I could use these as 'legs' between boards to make a bookcase. Other than that, I'm stumped.

Aside from simply recycling them, AT suggests building a glass wall that allows light to shine through, as well as a DIY version of what Tord Boontje and Emma Woffenden did with TranSglass. What do you think? via ::Apartment Therapy