What Do Lays Chip Bags And Classical Music Have In Common?

lays chip bags

Even though it seems everyone has an iPod or MP3 player and is downloading music, traditional CD's are still a huge business. The jewel cases are made from a variety of plastics that break easily and are not easy recyclable; sooner or later most of them will end up in landfills. I’m excited to tell you about the world’s most eco-friendly CD case TerraCycle just created made from recycled, shredded chip bags! By compressing many layers together, it creates a sturdy material, much stronger than cardboard. We have already used this material to create clip boards which are sold at Office Max. They’re very colorful and unique; no two look the same.

Talk about a double solution to keep non-recyclable waste out of landfills! First, we give new use to the waste chip bags, and by that use, new plastic CD cases don’t need to be created. And yes, TerraCycle will take the used CD cases back and turn them into some other product.

I’m particularly exited about this product because my wife, Soyeon Lee, who is a brilliant (not just my opinion!) classical pianist, is TerraCycle’s first customer. Her second CD, Re!nvented, came out April 21 in an upcycled CD case. Now, we can do something with all those bags of Baked! Lay’s she eats.

I’ve written here before about how packaging waste is a major issue and that non-recyclable and difficult-to-recycle packaging has very limited choices outside a landfill or incinerator. At TerraCycle, we and our sponsored waste partners, such as Frito-Lay, are constantly looking at new ways of using materials, a reinvention of sorts. Which brings us back to Soyeon’s new CD.

The name Re!nvented is a perfect match for the CD case because there are several music selections that have been reused, transcribed or revisited. As she says, every time you do something again and bring creativity to it, it becomes something totally different and therefore new. The music is breathtaking. And, Soyeon is very focused on combining exceptional classical music and environmental awareness. Last year, for the second part of her Carnegie Hall recital of Re!nvented, she wore a designer concert gown made from over 6,000 Honest Tea juice pouches.

terracycle dress of teabags photo

Re!nvented’s CD case is one of many TerraCycle solutions for the tens of millions of chip bags that get thrown away each year. You can have a part in reducing the number that go into landfills by going to www.terracyle.net and joining our brigades. We donate $0.02 to your favorite charity for each bag collected.

If you'd like to buy the CD, head to Amazon. I’m interested in your thoughts about the CD case — I hope you’re as excited about it as I am. Suggestions, comments and criticisms are welcome below.

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