WE'VE is a new site for sustainably sourced home goods

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A new online retail site, Lloyd Alter wrote that Blossom "has one of the most sophisticated views of sustainability that we have seen." Lulan embodies a fair-trade ethos, by partnering with craftsmen around the world to create new designs and markets, while supporting the local communities.

WE'VE expands this work by connecting buyers directly to environmentally aware makers of products. It emphasizes the stories behind each item, giving the production process transparency. The site allows shoppers to essentially commission work and follow the creation process. WE'VE uses a preorder system that guarantees artisans enough orders to invest in materials, while eliminating the waste associated with overstock.

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Blossom says the site was born after Lulan hosted a design competition, inviting designers to submit ideas for production. After the competition attracted 1600 entries in 16 days, Blossom realized there was a potential for a new commerce model.
Blossom told

WE'VE is a new site for sustainably sourced home goods
A collaboration of artisans open an online shop to bring you transparently produced products.