Westborough Primary's Cardboard School

A few years ago a school club building became the first project ever to win two special awards, including the The RIBA Journal Sustainability Award, from the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA). The judges said, "We were completely won over by The Cardboard Building for Westborough Primary School. It is Europe's first permanent cardboard structure, providing a much needed educational and community space as well as an inspiring structure that works with the properties of the material." More >The building 15 metres (49') by 6 metres (20') is designed to act as an after-school clubhouse and spare classroom and anticipated to serve 20 useful years. Cardboard tubes support the roof, which like the walls, are 90% recycled cardboard panels. Remarkably it meets fire and waterproofing standards as well. One of the reasons the school embarked on the project was "because it helps the children to learn - because its fun to do something unusual." Response from the kids? Well, according to the BBC Sophie, 11, sure got the message about recycling: "We put cardboard and old newspapers in a skip and it came back as little slabs that were put together". The building has its own website, albeit a bit dated, at ::Cardboard School