West Coast Green 2009: Free Design Clinic Makes Quality Design Accessible

free design clinic photo

Photo via Jaymi Heimbuch

Among the many familiar faces at West Coast Green this year, one booth stood out that I hadn't seen in the past. In part, it was because it was outside by itself, rather than inside amidst the crush of green building materials, solar panel purveyors, and sustainable living solutions. And in part, it was because of this really cool hanging plant display created from repurposed water bottles. It's the Free Design Clinic, a collective of creative professionals that work to make design not the source for luxurious dream products, but the source for solutions to every day problems. The group states, "We believe good design is resilient and should be made accessible where real problems demand real, deliverable solutions."

The volunteer designers consult with people in need of their services, such as helping out a non-profit whose offices went up in flames a few months back; and they take part in cool community events like PARK(ing) Day.

This wall of plants is a way to repurpose materials into an urban garden.

free design clinic urban garden photo

It's really tempting to go plastic water bottle collecting and create something like this off my fire escape. Pour water into the top plant, and it trickles down to water the others in the line. Wonderful!

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