West Coast Green 2008 To Highlight Emerging Green Building Technologies

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This year's West Coast Green 2008 conference will feature a technology "innovation pipeline" highlighting the future of renewable energy products. Each of these products are new to the market or right out of development. Over 50 products will be featured, including,

"...electric plug-in vehicles, the Triac, the Moose, the Microwatt, and the Buckshot from Green Vehicles; compressed earth blocks from Midwest Earth Builders; Lamberts Channel glass walls from Bendheim Wall Systems; solar tracking lights from Solar Track; and a straw wall from Green Design Systems."

Each year the conference highlights the best in green building. There are pre-conference workshops on topics like solar installation, biomimicry, and LEED training. In addition, there is a green homes tour. The conference always needs volunteers and you can attend the conference for free for donating your time. This year's West Coast Green will be held September 25-27, 2008 in the San Jose (CA) Convention Center. Over 400 exhibitors, 200 presenters and 14,000 attendees will converge to discuss the latest in resource-efficiency in green and healthy building. The conference is open to the public.

Each year the conference builds a green "showhouse" on site to show that green building can be clean and healthy and attractive. The showhouse this year is taking votes for the best name and the winner gets to attend a private, pre-conference event with Al Gore. Each of the presentations will also be videotaped and available online for those who can't make the conference but don't want to miss out.

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