West Coast Green 2007


We are less than one week away until the 2007 West Coast Green Conference — the largest green building event this side of the Mississippi and we here are Treehugger are pumped. The keynote speakers includes a long-list of eco-celebs like Ed Begley Jr, Bill Weihl (Google), Steve Wozniak (Apple), Hunter Lovins and Erin Brockovich. But enough with the star-gazing, because the entire speakers list is an amazing compilation of some of the most visionary architects, designers and builders available today.

This year's convention takes place in San Francisco at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium and runs from Thursday September 20 through Saturday September 22, 2007. The Saturday event is open to homeowners and tickets can be purchased for just $25 online and $35 at the door. Discounts are available for students and groups. They are expecting over 13,000 visitors to this event, so don't dawdle on getting tickets or getting to the conference.Presentations range from creating a bay-friendly garden, installing photovoltaic panels, energy efficient home design, and every thing is geared toward residential applications. There are also several hands-on events that will take place before the conference. These events all look pretty tempting, including Grid-Tied PV for Professionals and How to find your Green Dream Job. There will also be a large exhibit hall with 250 vendors and products that you can test and compare.

Don't worry — just because this event is huge does not mean that it will have a huge eco footprint. All vinyl table clothes will be replaced with linen, food packaging is biodegradable, all signage and materials are printed on recycled paper with vegetable-based inks. There will also be carbon offsets at the event and a Resource Recovery Station, instead of trash cans at each booth, where volunteers will identify which items are recoverable, recyclable and which are true trash. Biodiesel trucks will be available for all deliveries. If only the building itself were biodegradable this event would be perfect.

Yours truly will be there on Saturday presenting in two different sessions: Saturday 10:3-noon "Engaging Future Generations" and Saturday 4-4:30 pm "Hugging Generations Y and Z." You can find me during both sessions in the Futures Room.

To get tickets to the event, check them out online at West Coast Green.com.