Hurrah for Sean Hannity! Welcome to the fight against the pod people!

this looks like fun
Video screen capture Golfing with Keurig

It's a win-win all around as K-cup users on both sides of the political divide find reasons to smash their Keurigs.

It's such wonderful news. Everyone says that the USA is riven in two, totally polarized. A "journalist" on the Daily Caller, claims that "the left has defined environmentalism in a way that is counter to freedom, conservation, and science." But thanks to a guy named Sean Hannity who apparently is not a leftie environmentalist (I'm Canadian and we don't get Fox News so I have never seen him, my apologies), people are finally getting rid of their Keurig coffee makers!

Collin here is setting an example by throwing his Keurig off a building. Now I am a liberal but I have to say, Collin, I am not the least bit offended! I do wish that you had recycled it but hey, you are doing the right thing and we are not going to argue. We have been saying for years that coffee pods are a waste of money, they are piling up in landfills, that they are lying when they say they are recyclable and they make lousy coffee. I have called them a design for unsustainability.

They even have their own horror movie. The pod people have been doing something right, convincing millions of Americans to pay forty bucks a pound for second-rate coffee. But finally, thanks to Sean Hannity and his followers, environmentalism is a bipartisan issue!

Hannity's fans were smashing their Keurigs because the company decided not to advertise on the show anymore. They must buy a lot of K-cups, because the CEO of Keurig offered a grovelling sort of apology this morning. I am not sure this helped matters much:

Oops, sorry, "I apologize for any negativity you have experienced as a result of this situation." Sounds to me like people on both sides of the political divide will be smashing Keurigs now. A win-win for the environment!

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