Weaver steals show at ICFF

CC BY 2.0 Lloyd Alter

TreeHugger visits New York during Design Week, catching the International Contemporary Furniture Fair,(ICFF) Wanted Design, and other exhibits and activities.

Every time I cover ICFF, I ask people I know what they think is the Best of Show. It is often something that I have not even looked at closely, or that had much impact on me at all. I asked Dave Pinter of PSFK and he said "no question, the weaver, he is the real deal."

I went back to look more closely and think he might be right.

weaver at icff from Lloyd Alter on Vimeo.

He was a representative of The African and African-Caribbean Design Diaspora, which "Promote a greater awareness amongst the British public of the creative talent of the African and African-Caribbean diaspora in the UK." They are part of the usual British invasion that takes over a corner of ICFF.

Weaver steals show at ICFF
Sitting in the middle of the vast space, he demonstrates the traditional art of African weaving

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