We Wanna Live at 814 Park Avenue

Why we had no idea that co-ops in New York are going so green. We learn from a letter in the New York Times that 814 Park Avenue has implemented many items that TreeHugger has talked about for years! The residents restrict their flying, have installed rainwater harvesting, dry their laundry on lines instead of in dryers, are installing wind turbines on the roof, reducing purchases of imported flowers, installed worm composters, and are converting all their bulbs to CFL's. They are planning food-sharing, wrapping their boiler in sheeps wool insulation and even penalizing SUV idlers outside the building. They are even doing an old treehugger favourite, hooking their exercise machines up to generators! We at TreeHugger are truly impressed and thank Rick Moranis for informing us about it. ::New York Times Image by Paula Scher, New York Times

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