We Recycle for Earth Day: Green Cleaning, Water


Collin did such a fine job of putting together our Earth Day posts last year that we decided to practice what we preach, conserve energy, and recycle them.

Cleaning products are everywhere in our homes, and get everywhere when we use them; on our dishes, countertops, floors, hands...the list goes on and on. They're so pervasive that we follow this general rule: if you don't want it on your skin or in your body, don't use it. Thankfully, there is a large (and growing ever larger) contingent of green cleaning products, strategies and ideas to help you keep your house clean and green. ::Getting Ready for Earth Day: Green Cleaning


We've covered water on two occasions before in our Earth Day guides, and today we'll concentrate on being smart with the water we drink. ::Getting Ready for Earth Day: Save Water When You Drink

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