We Can't Make This Stuff Up Dept: Recycled Airplane Trolley Kitchen Cart


We already know how to recycle a 747 (sort of), but if you've got a small (maybe even round) house, you'll have a need for extra storage. Enter German company Bordbar, who recycles actual airplane trolleys -- they have the dings from when the "fasten seatbelt sign" should have been on to prove it -- into home storage on wheels. Choose from tons of patterns and colors to adorn your new kitchen cart, and wow your guests when you serve them Ginger Ale and pretzels at your next party.

Okay, so this one falls into the "when weird implementations happen to good ideas" file (just like this wacky bedside table), but recycling those carts into something people can use certainly beats tossing them. And we're willing to bet that there are more than a few people who'd pick up a damask-decorated cart for their home; if that's you, check out ::Bordbar via ::Apartment Therapy: Los Angeles

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