We Call It Transformer Furniture; Lester Walker Called It "Turniture"

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While looking for LifeEdited ideas in the July 1969 issue of Popular Science, what should pop up but this amazing bit of "turniture"- it is a bed, which turns into a small dining room table, a larger table for four, and even a discreet "tete-a-tete" couch. The 29 year old designer asks "why should a bed, used only during sleeping hours, take up precious living space all day long? Make it earn its keep by converting it to to other functions."

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The designer continues:

Most man-made objects are machines, and each part of each machine should be designed to do as much work for man as possible....As life becomes more complex and crowded, our machines must become even more efficient- and this is equally true of our machines for living- our homes.

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Remarkably, the whole thing is a flatpack designed to be cut out of two sheets of plywood; you could send this off to a shopbot today and cut it out. It's D.E. Sellers 40 years early. And then I noticed the designer's name, Lester Walker. Why was that so familiar?

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Perhaps because I own three of his books, these plus his classic, American Shelter. What a remarkable career; what a great word, "Turniture."

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