Ways To Keep Your Halloween Décor From Sucking...Energy

halloween decor image

Is it just me or is Halloween on steroids this year? As I strolled the sleepy, autumn streets of Park Slope, Brooklyn it seemed as though my neighborhood's infamous brownstones were way more jazzed up than ever with flashing, electronic pumpkins, cob-web adorned cast-iron gates, plastic window decals and inflated ghosts. Among these, I picked out my favorite, more sustainably decorated homes sporting real, carved pumpkins, homemade stuffed scarecrows and kid-crafted signs. My favorite: A simple white sheet of paper with this cryptic message scribbled in red crayon, "Dracula lives here." I couldn't help but notice that the more natural décor came off as way more creepy and crawly looking than say, the average inflated, plastic ghost hanging out on a front lawn. And spooky is the look we're trying to achieve, isn't it?

So here's a tip for you Halloween décor whores who want to save the earth and some cash—but who don't want to lose the scare-factor: go for organic materials! To make it easy, we've compiled energy-saving Halloween décor ideas in our newly dispatched TreeHugger Holiday Guides page. It offers a plethora of green tips for Halloween and festivities beyond!

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