Although not related to the song by Oasis, this is a wonderwall. Because that brown thing you see to the right of the pic is not merely a fence. It’s a water tank. In fact, just one of those fence sections will hold 1,200 litres (317 gallons). As Lloyd’s recent attendance at the Rainwater Conference highlighted, after a misguided hiatus, Australia is rediscovering rainwater tanks. But many suburban houses have no room to add or retrofit the traditional round tanks or dig huge holes in their yard. So a pair of Aussies decided to invent the water wall. Their clever thinking earned them a win on the New Inventors TV show. Available in ‘heritage’ colours to suit renovated houses, they are made from high grade polyethylene, Has a life expectancy of 25 years and one section sells for $1,000 AUD ($760 USD). ::Waterwall [by WM]

Another model also fits under roof
eaves without blocking side access.

Whoops, Forgot to thank Lisa ( Ta! ) for the reminder on this product. We had previously done a story on another product from the New Inventors called SilenceAir.