Waterproof Ceylon Paper Pottery Made From Sand, Paper & Recycled Wood

Images: Ceylon Paper Pottery

Regular ceramics are pretty energy-intensive products, though there's a number of innovative alternatives (like no-fire tiles or crockery made from recycled post-consumer and post-industrial waste). But what about paper-based pottery? Well, the company Ceylon Paper Pottery has their tasteful version of fair-trade, sustainable and biodegradable pottery -- made from waste wood, recycled paper and sand, without toxic chemicals or varnishes -- and is actually waterproof.


Ceylon Paper Pottery comes in a variety of creative shapes and shades, from earthen brown, gentler violets and creamy whites. And though the thin appearance may belie such a claim, the company describes their pottery as "light, strong, unbreakable and eco-friendly".


Also, thanks to their unique technique of pottery-making, perforations, double-sided items, large sizes with thin walls become possible -- reinventing the notion of what pottery can do.


The pieces are made out of home-based workshops on the eastern coast of Sri Lanka in a fair-trade fashion (mostly women working from home). Here, it's possible to find waste wood pieces like mahogany, teak, mango, rubber and kumbuk from the local furniture-making industry to use again in the pottery. Lovely and unpretentious, these pieces of paper art would add an earthy touch to any drab living space.

Ceylon Paper Pottery
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