Water Hyacinth, Rattan, and LED Lighting: The Bulb Chair from Onyx

bulb chair led photo
Images: Onyx

Woven from natural rattan and water hyacinth, the Bulb chair from Onyx looks like its namesake, but also integrates one: an LED light is nestled in its proboscis, giving the occupant a gentle halo of illumination. Conceived by Belgian designer Gaëtan Van de Wyer and made by Onyx in Thailand, the Bulb draws on the flexible (and rapidly renewable) properties of water hyacinth and rattan, a plant that resembles bamboo but more flexible.
mobius chair onyx with model photo

We've seen rattan come together nicely in pieces like Kenneth Cobonpue's Easy Armchair and Paola Navone's Croco Rattan. Water hyacinth, though less well known, has been the fiber of choice for intriguing pieces like the Tonecoon daybed.

The Bulb is just one in a growing line of interior furnishings from Onyx (see the Moebius double armchair above), all made with renewable resources and an eye for eco-sensitivity:

The Onyx project was launched in 2007. The main purpose is to create furniture designs and promote the use of renewable materials and ecofriendly techniques. Our daily concern is to find alternatives to traditional manufacturing processes by choosing raw materials carefully, controlling their origin, looking for natural products for the dyes, replacing synthetic foam with natural latex in our cushions, etc.

Another aspect of our project is fair employment. We expect our craftsmen to work with care and produce quality, and we share with them our concern about the environment. In return, we pay them fairly and offer help if needed.

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