Watch this amazing Christmas card video of dancing CNC cut gingerbread

gingerbread house
via LMN Architects

We have gone on for years about the great things that digital fabrication can do. It probably would have been a story in itself if LMN architects had simply used their CNC machine to print out a fancy gingerbread house, but no. They went and created a whole ballet of dancing gingerbread people, dinosaurs and dolphins. The architects describe it:

All the best from LMN Architects, Seattle, WA. This year we are pleased to introduce a new character in the LMN story -- the LMN workshop, with its magnificent 3-axis CNC router. To make a human connection with the machine, many in the firm contributed to the baking of a recipe known as "structural gingerbread." This is the result.

It's extraordinary:

2015 LMN Holiday Card: "Gingerbread Ballet" from LMN Architects on Vimeo.

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