Waste Not, Want Not: Soap Bank from DesigNoDoubt


Getting every last bit of soap from a bar to do its job can be tricky; the smaller it gets, the harder it is to handle those slick little buggers. Instead of trying to mash them together, or into a new bar, the Korean design team DesigNoDoubt has a solution: just deposit it into the bank. Their "Soap Bank" is a slick little device that collects and helps you get your money's worth from the small remains of soap. When your bar gets too small to get a good grip on, just drop it in the slot and give the bag a rub when you need some soapy goodness. Cha-ching!

The Bank is designed to stick on any interior shower wall (it's a suction cup) and the top is a good place to keep you soap until it's small enough to fit in the bank. It might be the only time it's convenient to drop the soap. Get cleaned up with more pics below the fold. ::DesigNoDoubt via ::Yanko Design



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