Waste Not, Want Not: Non-Woven by Christian Kocx


Taking unwanted bits of plastic from an injection molding machine, Dutch designer Christian Kocx has created "Non-Woven," a small collection of ultra-modern furniture, lighting and accessories. Originally presented during the furniture fair in Milan in April 2007, it popped up again just a couple of weeks ago during Dutch Design Week 2007.

Kocx creates some pretty interesting shapes, the bowls (pictured after the jump), especially, are decidedly nest-like, in a non-ridiculous way. A by-product of their materials, the designs' lines and style help showcase that anything can be upcycled, that there isn't any material that can't be (slightly) modified to create eye-catching, resource-saving design. It's a great example of how nothing -- not even plastic offcasts from an injection molding machine -- needs to be discarded.

Designer Kocx graduated from the Design Academy in January 2006, so we'll be watching him for more inventive, future forward designs. Hit the jump to see more pics. ::Christian Kocx via ::dezeen



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