Waste of Energy Dept: The new extreme sport of vacuum cleaner climbing

Screen capture Sierra Blair-Coyle climbing

TreeHugger used to have a Waste of Energy Department where we would show silly electric things that could be done manually with no trouble at all, from an electric martini shaker to the Garlic Express. It's time to bring back the WED as we watch Sierra Blair-Coyle , who can climb anything in the world with her bare hands, instead use two cordless LG vacuum cleaners connected to rubber suction cups to climb up the side of a 460 foot high office building in Seoul. The L in LG stands for Lucky and it still is; she made it to the top with only one stop for a vacuum cleaner change. It is supposed to be a commercial demonstrating how strong the LG CordZero is and I suppose it succeeds, but think about where this might go.

LG CordZero Sierra Blair-Coyle from LGNewsroom on Vimeo.

This is disturbing in so many ways. Now every Alain Robert wannabe can climb buildings without his mad skilz because it has been mechanized- just tie a couple of vacuums to your back and you are off. It's like ATVs vs hiking, or snowmobiles vs cross-country skis; rock climbing was so simple: find a rock. Climb it, using nothing but your own fingers and toes (and a safety line I hope). But it seems that there is no sport that can't be improved by a dose of mechanization and a dollop of fossil fuels.

looking up at buildingSierra Blair-Coyle looking up/Screen capture

And now this. Vacuum cleaner climbing.

Waste of Energy Dept: The new extreme sport of vacuum cleaner climbing
On the other hand, these cordless vacuum cleaners really suck.

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