Wanted: A Planter for Growing Vertical Gardens Indoors


From our friends at Fast Company, "bridging the fuzzy border between design and business."

One of the crappy things about living in a small apartment is that you never have the room or the means to grow a garden -- unless, of course, you're willing to share a bed with your cacti.

Urbio Urban Vertical Garden from Enlisted Design on Vimeo.

A smarter (and safer) alternative comes courtesy of Enlisted Design and Volare Studio in the Bay Area. Their idea: If you can't put plants in the ground, you might as well throw 'em up on something apartments have in spades, the walls.


So they started a Kickstarter campaign to develop Urbio, a nice-looking, minimal plastic pot that attaches to walls, refrigerators, ceilings -- pretty much any surface you can think of. Each pot has ultra-strong magnets integrated into the back that latch onto a mount. Screw the mount into the wall, and voila! You've got a mini garden sprouting up next the light switch.

When it's time to water the plants, you pluck them off the mount and run them under the faucet. A slab of white pumice at the bottom of the pots captures excess water.

Urbio's designers hope to raise $15,000 in the next 33 days to "complete the tooling portion of this project." Pledge here.


By Suzanne Labarre at FastCompany