Wallpaper* Magazine February 2007: Design Awards


Wallpaper* prides itself on scoping out the best the design world has to offer, and, for the third year in a row, they've picked the crème de la crème for their Design Awards 2007 issue. They don't concentrate on sustainability, so when something green makes the cut, we know it's great. Such is the case with "Minikitchen" (page 045) by Joe Colombo, for Boffi; originally designed in 1963, the kitchen combines storage, cooking and washing in a few square feet. It contains a refrigerator, drawers, cupboards, a chopping board and a pull-out worktop, all neatly and discreetly packaged and ready to make the most efficient use of space possible. The other standout example mixed in with Wallpaper*'s best artist, books, travel agent and watch is the "Mineral House" (pages 096-097) by architect Yasuhiro Yamashita. Presented with the challenge of building a stylish home on a plot better suited to something the size of a shed, and came up with a home that has four levels packed into a small, polygonal package in the center of Tokyo. "Land costs are really high, but most houses are built by developers who don't think much about the cityscape," he says, and wants to inject better aesthetics into a city known best for its functionality. And Mineral House isn't all; he's doing his bit to improve the world with Project 1000, a series of imaginative, well-designed houses reasonably priced at ¥10 million (about $85,000). Lots more great design to see inside the mag. ::Wallpaper*

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