Wallclimbers: an earlier attempt at people-powered elevators

© Steven M. Johnson

Cartoonist and inventor Steven M. Johnson has us climbing the walls.

After we showed Elena Larriba's Vcyle, where one got on a not-so-stationary bike and pedalled your way up the side of buildings, cartoonist and inventor Steven M. Johnson sent us his version from 1991, published in his wonderful book Public Therapy Buses.

Steven explains how the internet changed everything about design.

..since the Internet and the World Wide Web (1994 approx.), the sharing of ideas, the discovery of simultaneous invention, has gone crazy in a good way. Back in 1990, all I could do was look at books and flip through and clip from magazines for “art reference” for illustrations.

Not only has his work been republished, but Steven is posting regularly on the great design site Core77. Follow him there! And here is the Vycle doing much the same thing, without even knowing or sharing Steven's earlier idea.

@vycle_ at construction sites #ideshow #rcashow #vycle

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