Walking the Line Between Good and Bad Transportation in LA

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It isn't hard to find things wrong with the public transportation system in Los Angeles, but is there anything being done right? One Good contributor wanted to know, so he set out on foot with a mission to walk the line between the good and bad of LA's public transportation system.He writes:

Everyone thinks they know L.A., even if they've never been west of St. Louis. Nobody walks in L.A., right?...But the truth is people do walk in L.A. And bike. Fully 12 percent of all trips in Los Angeles are by bicycle or on foot--that's more than Austin or Portland. In sheer numbers, L.A. has more bikers and walkers than Washington, D.C., or Chicago, or even San Francisco. And it happens to be far safer for biking and walking than all three, according to a 2010 Benchmarking Report by the Alliance for Biking and Walking.

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