Wachovia Bank To Open 300 "Green" Branches

Wachovia plans to expand in California by constructing the first of 300 green branches nationwide, all to be completed by 2010. Charlotte, N.C.-based Wachovia, which maintains its western headquarters in Oakland, said the green branches will use at least 20 percent less energy and 25 percent less water. The bank plans to start employee recycling programs at the green branches and provide bike racks and preferred parking for low-emission vehicles.

'Wachovia plans to save up to $80,000 per branch in construction costs and also expects to reduce its operating costs 20 percent in the first year.' ""In 10 years, we won't call this green building practices, it will just be standard construction procedures," said Patrick Mumford, senior vice president and environmental affairs manager at Wachovia."

Reportedly the HQ building [pictured] is a LEED certified office tower, although we have not verified the details. At 19 Wachovia employee cafeterias, the bank is reported to be testing a refillable mug program and glassware service programs to reduce use of plastic and paper goods. The company's stewardship statement can be downloaded as a pdf file at this link.

Via:: San Francisco Business Times and East Bay Business Times and Jetson Green Blog
Image credit:: Jetson Green

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