Vulcana Hobo

"Why create products made from newly-created textiles when we have so much raw material taking up acres and acres of nature?" asks Robin Barsky Gilson of Vulcana. And it is a well considered question. Seems the US discards over 260 million used tyres annually. Some estimate that the world has a stock pile of more than 2 billion of the things. So Robin is doing her bit to reduce the pile a little. Using a patented process and working with several plants in the US, Vulcana takes old car tyre rubber and mixes it with natural rubber, to form new sheets with a 30% recycled content. These are then supple enough to be sewn into bags and other products. More recently they have begun curing the sheets with Romanian hemp fabric attached. The Hobo shoulder bag is lined, and has inner pockets. $69 USD ::Vulcana [by WM]