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dog umbrella coat photo

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Inhabitat is having a Spring Greening Contest--challenging entrants to clean out their closets and remake some old dusty household item into a found object. The response has been fantastic, with all kinds of creative and innovative designs popping out of...the closet.

Voting ends on Tuesday at midnight, so here is a chance to take a peek at some of the coolest competitors: the top 15 out of more than 100 entrants. As a start: the dog's rain jacket (above) is made out of stripped down, recycled umbrella fabric. More after the fold.

tupperware lamps photo

Lighting is a popular category, with these hanging lights made out of old tupper ware containers. If these don't catch your vote, then what about others made from blenders, egg crates, vacuum cleaners, light bulbs(!) or toilet plungers.

toilet plunger light photo

The designer wired a normal black rubber plunger with an electrical socket and then added an accordion style plunger on top to act as a shade. Now that's unique.

snow necklace photo

With statement necklaces all the rage this spring, consider a vote for this eco-sparkly plastic jewellery made of recycled soda and water bottles into snowflakes and crystallized leaves.

chesta egg carton vase photo

Egg cartons featured as vases and light fixtures. The cartons that make up the vase (pictured) are "broken into sheets of intersecting polygons. Pieces of symmetrically-arranged carton are connected with hand stitches, and a coat of varnish makes the vase extra-tough."

There is a chair made out of an inner tube on a steel frame, covered in recycled upholstery material and old furniture that has been found and refurbished in a clean and modern way. Vote now for your favourite, the contest finishes Tuesday at midnight. Inhabitat Spring Greening Contest

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