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They are the academy awards of the design industry: the Brit Insurance Designs of the Year 2009. Covering seven categories: architecture, fashion, furniture, graphics, interactive, product and transport, they are a great opportunity to see what the design world has been up to and where it is going.

The Products category had lots of interesting candidates. These jar tops are a simple but ingenious way of transforming ordinary empty jars into functional products. The 5 different lids turn jars into a milk jug, sauce jug, sugar shaker, or chocolate shaker.

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Clean is a series of artisan-made brushes and dust pans: the opposite of mass-produced plastic items. The graceful handles are made from raw chestnut wood and steam bent; each one is unique and idiosyncratic.

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The Magno Wooden Radio is a product that filled a need and revitalised a community: made of sustainable wood and built by local labour in Indonesia.

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The Green Felt Protest Suit was created out of felt and meant to be worn in areas where legal protesting is not permitted. Designed as a response to political censorship, it can now be seen as a political, environmental or fashion protest statement.

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Under Transport is the Aquaduct, a water filtration system cum bicycle for people in the developing world who have to travel distances to get clean water. Design Museum
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