Vote Early and Often for the Peoples Design Awards

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The standard drill for a design competition is for a fancy jury to evaluate jazzy submissions from designers who pay a fee to enter. Then there is the Peoples Design Award run by the Cooper Hewitt, where anyone can nominate anything by anybody, and then everyone can vote on it. They say "Whether it's handmade or mass produced, high end or low brow, if it's an example of good design, we want to know about it!" Our friends at Inhabitat are in position 7 right now with their clean, attractive website design; my beloved Strida is in 3, and the Magno wooden radio by Singgih Kartono is up there too. It is a great opportunity to promote good green design.

Other TreeHugger subjects in the running right now:

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Jaymi recently covered the [Re]Drive bamboo drive;

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Emily Pilloton's Project H Design: Initiatives for Humanity, Habitats, Health and Happiness;

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Cargo Ship with Kites: First Trans-Atlantic Trip a Success!
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Joey Roth's Sorapot, seen also here: Joey Roth Demonstrates His Sorapot and here: Packaging the Sorapot

And lots more TreeHugger stuff. Vote early and often at the People's Design Awards.

Collin covered last years's award like a blanket:
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