Vivavi Opens Pop-Up Eco Store at Riverhouse

Vivavi sells high-end eco furniture at the Riverhouse photo

Eco-Furniture Store in Eco-Appartment Building
It seems hard to reconcile the adjective "lazy" with Josh Dorfman — from interviews with TreeHugger to appearances on NPR's Science Friday, the author of "The Lazy Environmentalist" and CEO of green furniture company Vivavi certainly goes to great lengths to push his vision of a bright, green, modern and convenient future. His latest venture is NYC's first eco-friendly pop up store inside Riverhouse, "Manhattan's greenest luxury condominium in Battery Park City" (which Lloyd wrote about back in 2006). The store features sustainable, high-end home furnishings by 18 of the world's top designers. Perhaps reclaiming his "lazy" moniker somewhat, Josh enthused about the appeal of the new store:"Our pop-up store is a wonderful way for Riverhouse residents and visitors to discover easy, stylish and convenient ways to further green their lifestyles. They don't need to leave the building in order to be introduced to cutting-edge sustainable products, emerging design trends, and home innovations underway."

For anyone wanting to check out some of the furniture on show at Riverhouse, much is available via the Vivavi online store too. Be warned, the prices are not for the faint hearted - but they don't call this designer furniture for nothing...

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