Visually Impaired Kids Learn About Outdoors with Tactile Flash Cards

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Picture books are great for learning about areas far from where you are and flash cards are great for studying up...if you can see them. But what about learning via flash cards for visually impaired kids? These cards, called "Hello Haptic" and designed by Rhea Jeong, Young Soo Hong, Sunmin Lee and Sae Hee Lee, would teach kids about earthy things via tactile flash cards. The cards are categorized by a place in nature, like the beach or the forest, and through touch and smell, teach kids to identify the places and aspects of what living things are found there.

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It's a little depressing that kids would need to learn of these things via cards and not through literally touching and exploring the outdoors, but it makes sense for children cooped up in urban areas. After all, just earlier today I was excited about the Nature Find tool.

Via designboom
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