Visions of the Future: Stacked Suburbia and Underwater Cities

australia city of the future competition image stacked townhouse

93% of Australians live in cities, and they are only going to get more dense. A competition was recently held to find visions of Australia's future, "Designs for Australia's cities 2050+" and many of them are fascinating, such as these towers of stacked suburban houses.

australia city of the future competition image arup underwater

Arup Biometics proposes Ocean City". From Designboom:

It is a proposed underwater city, syph, spawned from the rising interest in biomimetic practices and materials in the advent of climate change. The migration of the Australian population from land to sea due to the sky-rocketing value of disappearing land, provided an opportunity to develop a new cityscape. The design features a collection of specialized organisms or pods which function as a whole. Some pods are energy producers, some industrial, and others are used for sustainable farming and food production.

australia city of the future competition image bridge

The design for 'Island Proposition 2100' [ Scott Lloyd, Aaron Roberts, Katrina Stoll] seeks to capture hyper-connectivity of urban city life. The Ip2100 spine contains a system of hybrid infrastructures, which will link future urban centres and their territories. The spine will transport people and goods using magnetic levitation (maglev) technology, carry energy, water and agriculture goods, convert 'waste' to resources, and provide living, industrial, and commercial spaces along the network. the linear axis will minimize sprawl and concentrate growth along its route, significantly reducing the time and pollution of current travel.

Lots more at Designboom

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