Virtual Swap Meet for Digital Media


The Wall Street Journal has a treatment of several digital media-swapping websites that's worth a look for anyone that has a few CDs, DVDs or games collecting dust. Instead of receiving cash in exchange for the aging media, members collect points that can be used to "buy" other CDs, DVDs or what-have-you from fellow members. The sites under review are,, and, which is in beta for a couple more months. Here's how the sites work: After signing up online, you can create a list of used CDs, DVDs or videogames that you're willing to sell. If another member asks to buy something on your list, the site will notify you, usually by email. Once you agree to a sale, you have a few days to put the item in the mail. The more items you sell, the more points you collect; once enough points are collected, you can make purchases, effectively swapping your old media for something "new." Sure beats pitching all those old Earth, Wind & Fire albums... ::Wall Street Journal Online via Yahoo via tipster Lascelles