DIY Idea: Beautiful Vintage Birdcage Chandeliers

birdcage chandelierRestoration Hardware/via

Whether it's made from coffee cups or secondhand books, we're big fans of one-of-a-kind lighting made from eccentric recycled materials. Combining a sizeable birdcage and chandelier-style lighting, we first spotted this attractive idea of the "birdcage chandelier" over at luxury furnishings company Restoration Hardware.

birdcage chandelierRestoration Hardware/via
Lovely it is, but theirs is an expensive reproduction version costing around US $2,500, so we went on to find other more affordable versions that even an enterprising do-it-yourselfer could potentially make -- just as Jesyka D'Itri Marés did over at Craftzine, turning her wedding decor into unique lighting:

birdcage chandelierJesyka D'Itri Marés/via

DIYer Lauren posted her own pared-down US $40 version at Better Homes and Gardens, indicating that "All you need is a standard pendant light fixture, chicken wire (painted black), faux birdies, and some fun shaped twigs from your yard! And Woila! A little taste of Spring all year round in your home!"

birdcage chandelierLauren/via

Another re-purposed birdcage lamp by PSPCA (Philadelphia Society of Prevention of Cruelty to Animals), seen over at Design Squish, which uses a tasteful curtain to help diffuse the light:

birdcage chandelierDesign Squish/via

For those who don't have the time to trawl vintage stores or junk yards, but want to support handmade industries, on Etsy JudisLamps offers a beautiful white-painted version that costs US $225:

birdcage chandelierJudisLamps on Etsy /via

These are but a few of the many sweet and flighty lights we've seen out there, but to be sure, adding lights to vintage objects is one great way to re-use what may not seem reusable at first. For more lighting ideas, check out our related links.

DIY Idea: Beautiful Vintage Birdcage Chandeliers
Here's a smart do-it-yourself idea for unique, vintage-inspired lighting: chandeliers made out of re-purposed birdcages.

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