Video: A Race to Zero Waste with Knoend's lite2go

Demonstrating two big reasons why TreeHugger likes smart, green packaging design, this video from lighting designers Knoend pits their lite2go against a conventional lamp in a race to see which one is easier to unbox and assemble. Because the lite2go's packaging becomes the lampshade, not only does it assemble more easily, but it produces almost zero waste along the way (just a cardboard band and piece of hemp twine are left); it even comes with its own compact fluorescent lightbulb, minus extraneous packaging, of course. Pretty slick.

As we said before, one of the things we like best about this is that knoend is working on changing the paradigm for product and packaging design: "When people understand that the packaging IS the product, hopefully they start to understand the concept of 'zero waste.'" lite2go is available through their site, as well as a handful of US retailers scattered around the country and online. ::YouTube and ::Knoend

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