Very Green Hotel Opens In Napa Valley


A new green hotel has opened in Napa Valley. It's called the "Gaia Napa Valley", and it received the highest LEED certification in the hospitality Industry in the United States. It is unclear yet if the facility will earn a coveted gold rating or a nearly as impressive silver designation, said developer Wen Chang of Butterfly Effect Hotel. The closest any American hotel has come is a bronze rating, he said. Responsibly harvested "new growth" wood was used in the hotel's construction. The project also makes extensive use of solar power and techniques for conserving water, energy and other materials in its ongoing operations.Recycled corrugated metal covers the lobby's outside walls while "gray" water from the showers and sinks are recycled in the ponds and landscaping. Heat and cold are regulated naturally while rooms are lighted with Solatubes, or tubular skylights that capture sunlight from the rooftop and direct it down a shaft, diffusing it throughout the interior space. Air quality is maximized through low emission paints and adhesives.

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