Vertical Farm Opens In Singapore, Sells Out Instantly

vertical farmSky Greens /Public Domain

There is not a lot of room to grow vegetables in Singapore; they mostly grow condo towers. According to Sky Greens, only 7% of demand for vegetables is met locally, and fresh vegetables are often unavailable in the monsoon season. Now Sky Greens has introduced a vertical greenhouse, where plants are rotated around a 30 foot tall tower to get between five and ten times as much production as they would in traditional farms using conventional methods. They claim:

[It's the] World’s first low carbon hydraulic water-driven, tropical vegetable urban vertical farm, using green urban solutions to achieve enhanced green sustainable production of safe, fresh and delicious vegetables, using minimal land, water and energy resources.

ChannelnewsAsia reports that it is a big hit and that the vegetables are selling out. The farm produces half a ton per day, and is expanding to produce two tons by next year.

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