VEIL (Victorian Eco Innovation Lab)


VEIL proposes a new way to accelerate eco-innovation in the Australian state of Victoria. Why? Because the project believes that although the "... market may be innovative it is inherently conservative, generally allowing only for incremental change in terms of environmental performance."

VEIL's answer then is to engage public research and designers from university design schools to provide a radical alternative set of visions of possibilities that "urgently overcome the 'inertia of the market'." The aim is to shape both consumer and producer expectations at the same time. Amongst their programs are workshops where students design as if they are living in 2032.Which sounds very admirable. We can only trust they'll arrive at something more useful than academic verbiage, as per this example from a topic entitled Redesign:

"The underlying premise of the methodology is the consideration of an individual product as an assemblage of functional modular components with multiple life spans, rather than a complete, stand alone object with a singular finite."

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