Vegan Steampunk USB Bracelet is Made from Recycled Linoleum Flooring


All Images Courtesy of Jesse Herbert

Designer Jesse Herbert, who also works as a musician, wanted a way to distribute his music to friends and customers that wasn't as wasteful as CDs. He decided on USB keys, but wasn't content to just hand out the devices themselves. So he built them into steampunk-inspired, vegan-friendly cuffs, made from a pretty surprising source: recycled linoleum flooring.


Herbert's first version of the bracelet was made of leather, a material he's worked with before, in the form of a wine rack made for bikes. For the cuff, he wanted an option that would be acceptable to vegan friends and customers.

But instead of going with a conventional leather alternative, Herbert decided on something much more original: old linoleum, which means that the already very green material gets a second life.

The bracelets are hand-made by Herbert in his Montreal studio. They sell for $30 in his Etsy store.

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