Vauxhall Sky Garden by Amin Taha Architects


Amin Taha Architects
are building gardens in the sky in their new Vauxhall tower, with 25,000 square feet of communal gardens, each three stories in height.

the idea behind the gardens is to create a space for social interaction foster micro communities. while the building is as dense as planning authorities allow, it maintains a high level of social sustainability.


But beyond social sustainability you could get quite a bit of food out of that much area. Maybe like parking garages and now bike storage areas, buildings should have a minimum of green space, either on the ground or in the sky, for every unit.


The project was designed to explore dense living concepts that maintain a high standard of living for residents. The Vauxhall sky garden is the result of this investigation. The tower will stand 130m tall and feature 178 residential units, as well as office space.

via Designboom

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