Vanguard Homes Builds First WaterSense® Labeled Dwelling In USA: 20% More Water Efficient

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The US Environmental Protection Agency has an aqueous analog to the well established ENERGY STAR® program. The 2-year old WaterSense® is a partnership program sponsored by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and is the symbol for water-efficient products, services and practices. Vanguard Homes of North Carolina USA is apparently the first partner-member to construct a new home that broadly meets WaterSense® criteria.

WaterSense labeled new homes by Vanguard will be designed to be at least 20 percent more water efficient than homes currently being built under traditional standards, saving homeowners more than 10,000 gallons of water per year. These homes are designed to use significantly less water inside and out, through efficient plumbing fixtures, hot water delivery, appliances, landscape design, and irrigation systems. Via:Vanguard news release (pdf file)
How much would you save if you bought WaterSense® labeled products for an existing home? (Surely a more frequent occurrence, these days.)EPAs WaterSense® program has a handy web-enabled calculation tool to answer just that question. Click here if you're tired of money down the drain.

As to why this is important: as you read this, Atlanta's Lake Lanier approaches an all time record low level. The upshot could be as indicated in our earlier post: "Radical" Water Saving Measures May Become The Norm In Atlanta.

WaterSense is only a starting point in "stressed" watersheds.

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