Vancouver Asks Wal-Mart to Design Green

Green Wal-MartHere's something that would be quite interesting, if Wal-Mart took to the idea.

The City of Vancouver has told Wal-Mart that their store is not environmentally friendly enough for the city, and sent the retailer back to the drawing board. Wal-Mart hired architect Peter Busby to come up with a new plan, in order to satisfy Vancouver's requirements.

Busby's architecture firm, located in Vancouver, is well known for their work in sustainable development. According to CTV Canada, Busby has spent two years on the design, and says "there's nothing like this in North America". Busby claims his green design will allow the store to use one-third of the energy required by a regular Wal-Mart. Windmills will generate power and underground wells will heat and cool the building. Skylights will replace lamps in the store, and water will be collected from the rooftop for store use. Busby says: "There will be no lights on during the daytime all year. That saves a lot of energy."

Wal-Mart Design

Still, others in Vancouver are cautious about allowing Wal-Mart to build in the city, citing the problems with pollution and congestion that the store may create. One councillor, Anne Roberts, says: "This city wants to be a city of neighborhoods; to get away from the car."

Busby, however is optimistic, about his design and says: "They're a very thrifty company. If this proves to be cheaper to run, who knows, maybe they'll change their approach to lots of different stores."

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[By Justin Thomas]