Valencia Design Week 2010: Only 1ºC! Mina Kwag's Design Products Raise Awareness About Climate Change (Photos)

only1degree cups photo

Image Credit: Mina Kwag

I came across these cute cups at the Designboom Mart at the Valencia Design Week last week. Not at all doomsday products, Mina Kwag's designs are fun and useful, and yet, they let you know that something isn't quite right. The message is simple: +1 degree Celsius affects us; according to Kwag, at least 10% of land species face extinction. With +4ºC, 300 million more people will be affected by coastal flooding. If you feel like more people should know this, check out the t-shirt and postcards, and spread the message, even if we all know that that is not enough.

only1degree t-shirt photo

Image Credit: Mina Kwag

The designer created 5 t-shirts with different graphics for every increasing degree Celsius, representing its consequences. The graphics are beautiful, and embroidered on the t-shirts by machinery. I don't quite understand how by using this technology, "the t-shirts are done in an eco-friendly way", but I hope that the t-shirts themselves are made in a sustainable manner, using organic cotton...

only1degree t-shirts photo

Image Credit: Mina Kwag

The cups are clever designs around the same statements that Only 1ºC Can Affect us. They are made of "eco-friendly ceramic" (I am curious to know what that is exactly...) and encourage the user to use less throwaway cups. Of course the strong part of Kwag's products is the message, and the way it translates into beautiful objects. So you can ask yourself: "What if the elephant I like is extinct by global warming", as you pour coffee over a tiny elephant sculpture in the bottom of the mug... ::Only1degree

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