Valencia Design Week 2010: NUDE, Young Designers Show They Care (Photos)

cuatro cuatros lamp photo

Corchete Lamp by Cuatro Cuatros. Image Credit: Cuatro Cuatros

We visited Nude at Habitat Valencia (part of Valencia Design Week) and found some refreshing new ideas that are also a little less harmful to the environment. These are the three young designers that to us stood out from the rest; for their gorgeous designs as well as their awareness about the impact on the environment of the stuff we create. We have funny 100% woollen blankets with feet, clever flat-pack chairs and lighting, and, an elegant human-powered floor lamp.Signos by Cuatro Cuatros

cuatro cuatros Signos photo

Image Credit: Cuatro Cuatros

Signos is a simple yet very clever series of objects, made with minimal use of materials and without any extra fittings, which makes production and the recycling process much easier. The pieces are also designed to be flat-pack, which saves energy during transportation and also has practical advantages. According to the designers at studio Cuatro Cuatros, the proposed objects "are characterized by straight lines, schematics, dynamism and experimentation". Very refreshing stuff! ::Cuatro Cuatros
Sofa Evening by Cristina Serrano

Unfortunately we have no images of Sofa Evening but here's an interview with the designer at Habitat Valencia (in Spanish)

The best way to save energy in winter is to wear layers rather than turn the heating up. Spanish designer Cristina Serrano created a collection of beautiful blankets with cute integrated socks so that your feet no longer stay cold. They are locally made in Spain, from 100% natural sheep wool and show no traces of SVHC. And, another advantage is that you can just walk around with the blanket on! ::Cristina Serrano
L'Ham Light by Joan Rojeski Design Studio


Jordi Olucha from Joan Rojeski Design Studio with the lamp L'Ham at the NUDE stand. Image: Joan Rojeski

Joan Rojeski Design Studio, who specialise in sustainable design, presented L'Ham, a human-powered lamp that looks a bit like a fishing rod; elegant and in balance. All the energy to light the lamp is generated though a human-powered dynamo, which reminds us of the reel of a fishing pole. The lamp emits a pleasant ambient light and does not depend on any plugs or cables. ::Joan Rojeski
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