Vacuum Cleaner Made From Its Own Cardboard Packaging

Vax ev cardboard vacuum

Image: Vax

One of the biggest floor-care brands in Britain has unveiled a cardboard vacuum cleaner made from its own packaging, the Vax ev. And it was created by a student.Open and Assemble—Without the Packaging Waste
The vacuum is sold in a retail box, which the customer can separate into parts that "pop into place around the motor housing," according to Vax, without any need for glue. The cardboard has a flame retardant coating, and Vax says the pieces are easily replaced if damaged—and cost a tenth of what an equivalent plastic piece would cost.

As for the non-cardboard parts of the vacuum, Vax says: "Components that cannot practically be made of cardboard have been produced from recyclable, pure nylon plastic using RP (rapid process) manufacturing, rather than injection moulding. This means the Vax ev can be manufactured locally to order, without the need for costly tooling moulds and assembly lines, whilst avoiding long distance distribution."

Loughborough University student Jake Tyler came up with the design while working in the company's student placement scheme, where he had support from the Vax New Product Design team. Vax is now exploring a limited production run of the vacuum.

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