Utensilmate is a great candidate for the Wrongest Product Award

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TreeHugger used to have a Just what we needed dept. where we covered ridiculous wastes of material and energy, like the famous banana slicer or the motorized ice cream cone. Architect David Bergman had a similar idea, his Wrongest Product Award, a contest to find products "that embody the least amount of redeeming value while incurring the use of unnecessary, often gratuitous, materials or energy."

Utensilmate uses© Utensilmate on Kickstarter

Which brings us to the Utensilmate. It addresses the problem that has bedevilled everyone who likes hot sauce on their food- how do you get just the right amount; too little and there is not enough flavor; too much and it burns and overwhelms the food. TreeHugger founder Graham Hill used to quote that phrase "what gets measured, gets managed," and that's what the Utensilmate does- it measures and manages your Sriracha, metering it out into your utensil. I don't think that's quite what Graham had in mind.

The inventor claims he was eating one day and making a big mess with a jar of hot sauce in his hand, and thought:

“there has to be a better, even more enjoyable way to eat hot sauce”. A nearby inkjet printer syringe, just lying there next to my printer, caught my eye, and BAM! inspiration struck me hard: “with a few modifications”, I thought, “a syringe-like implement could be created to attach to an eating utensil, controlling exactly how much hot sauce I get to enjoy with each bite, and eliminating that sticky bottle hand.”

So why is this on TreeHugger? Because it is a slow Friday. Because it is a silly plastic unitasker that adds to the mess of stuff that clogs our drawers and our lives. New York Times food writer Mark Bittman once noted that the only things you need in a kitchen are "A stove, a sink, a refrigerator, some pots and pans, a knife and some serving spoons." He didn't need an EZcracker or a Happy Hot Dog Man or a Pet treat maker. I don't know what he would say about the Utensilmate.

It's not doing very well on Kickstarter, which proves that there is a God.

Utensilmate is a great candidate for the Wrongest Product Award
I can't decide if this is just what I always needed or the worst product ever put on Kickstarter.

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