USG Registers New HQ For LEED Gold - For Commercial Interiors

USG Corporation (NYSE:USG) announced that it has registered its new headquarters, 550 W. Adams St., Chicago, Illinois, USA, as LEED for Commercials Interiors (CI) registered space, the U.S. Green Building Council's voluntary rating standard for green design and construction of tenant improvements. USG is seeking LEED-CI Gold certification, joining a select group of environmentally-friendly buildings in Chicago. Of the 250 registered LEED-CI spaces in Chicago, only 16 are certified as Gold. LEED ratings include Certified, Silver, Gold and Platinum...Nearly 1000 employees occupy 11 floors totaling about 300,000 square feet in the new 18-story glass and steel building."
The recently completed building features a green roof, more than half of which is covered with vegetation. The company is using nearly 25 percent less water with low flush, low flow lavatories and sinks.

* All employees have natural light and 97 percent have daylight views.
* The building's windows have low-energy glazing and an environmentally friendly shade system. These features improve comfort while also diffusing and diverting direct sun light and allowing refracted light to penetrate deeper into the space.
* The company's own ceiling panel brands provide high light reflectance, which improve both the quality and quantity of the natural light.
* USG maximizes natural and indirect light with lower cubicle walls and more glass to separate spaces.
Nearly 100 percent of the company's appliances and equipment are Energy Star rated, including computers, printers, snack machines and cafeteria equipment. The cafeteria uses easily recyclable eating utensils known as "spudware", which are derived from potatoes. Menu choices in the cafeteria emphasize organic, sustainable, locally produced foods. And, USG uses soy-based eco-friendly coffee cups.

Via: USG Press Release. Image credit: Emporis

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