Used Whiskey Barrels Get New Life with Uhuru Design

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Uhuru Designs Used Whiskey Barrel furniture design photo

TreeHugger is fascinated by the objects that good designers create from old objects. This often ad hocist-like approach has been exemplified in the work of Uhuru Design before -- we liked their "stoolen" and "love somebody" table designs from previous collections -- as they've found a great balance between showcasing their recycled materials and creating evocative, unique new designs.

Their newest collection, the Küpe line, follows this tradition by refashioning bourbon whiskey barrels from Bardstown, Kentucky (the Bourbon Capital of the world, we're told). The Bilge Lounge, pictured above with Uhuru's Jason Horvath, makes good use of the barrels' curvy lines to create a comfy lounger with a little spring in its step; the base is made from used truck springs.

There's lots of other good stuff to check out; tour the new line with Jason from Uhuru, in our video from the ICFF floor, after the jump. ::Uhuru Design and ::ICFF 2008

Uhuru Designs Used Whiskey Barrel furniture design chair photo

The Bilge Lounge, using bourbon barrels in funky new ways: "These barrels are only used one time to age bourbon, after which some are sold and shipped to Scotland to make scotch. The remaining barrels are discarded by the distillery and often sold for firewood or planters. While many people have repurposed barrels for other uses, our intent is to work with the material in striking new ways."

Uhuru Designs Used Whiskey Barrel furniture design table photo

The Iris Coffee Table: "We begin by dismantling the barrels into to individual pieces, the staves, metal bands, and circular heads. We explore how these parts can work together to create a simple functional design while retaining the individual characteristics and natural colors of the aged wood from the original barrels, thus creating a new vernacular."

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